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how to get jet ski off floating dock

Getting a jet ski off a floating dock can be done safely by following these steps:

1. Prepare the Jet Ski:

  • Ensure that the jet ski is properly turned off, and the engine is not running.
  • Remove the key from the ignition to prevent accidental starting.

2. Attach Dock Lines:

  • Securely attach dock lines (ropes) to the front and rear of the jet ski. Make sure they are long enough to reach the dock or shoreline.

3. Check the Dock Conditions:

  • Examine the floating dock to ensure it’s stable and secure. Confirm that there are no hazards or obstacles in the water that could interfere with the jet ski’s movement.

4. Position the Jet Ski:

  • Carefully guide the jet ski to the edge of the floating dock. Position it so that it’s parallel to the dock and facing outward toward open water.

5. Use Dock Cleats (if available):

  • If the floating dock has dock cleats or cleat-like fixtures, use them to secure the dock lines attached to the jet ski. Cleats provide a stable point to tie off the ropes.

6. Gradually Apply Throttle:

  • While standing on the dock or safely within reach of the jet ski, start the engine and gradually apply throttle in reverse. Be gentle with the throttle to avoid sudden or excessive acceleration.

7. Carefully Release Dock Lines:

  • As the jet ski starts to move backward, carefully release the dock lines one at a time. Make sure the lines are clear of any obstructions and that they don’t get tangled.

8. Maneuver Away from the Dock:

  • Using the throttle and steering controls, carefully maneuver the jet ski away from the dock until you have enough space to safely operate it.

9. Drive Safely:

  • Once you have cleared the dock and are in open water, you can shift into forward gear and operate the jet ski as usual. Always follow safe boating practices and obey any local regulations.

10. Return and Secure the Dock Lines: – After you’ve taken the jet ski off the floating dock, return to the dock and secure the dock lines to prevent them from dragging in the water or getting caught in the jet ski’s propulsion system.

11. Shut Off the Engine: – When you’re finished using the jet ski, safely return to the dock, shut off the engine, and remove the key.

12. Inspect for Damage: – After removing the jet ski from the dock, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear to ensure it’s in good condition for your next use.

Always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when operating watercraft. If you’re unsure of the procedure or have concerns about the safety of the dock or your jet ski, consider seeking assistance from an experienced boater or professional.

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