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how to get more revs on bowling ball

Increasing the revs (revolutions) on a bowling ball involves improving your technique and equipment selection. Here are some tips to help you achieve more revs on your bowling ball:

  1. Grip and Fit:
    • Ensure that your bowling ball is properly fitted to your hand. A well-fitted ball allows for better control and a more consistent release.
  2. Strengthen Your Wrist and Forearm:
    • Building wrist and forearm strength can help you generate more revs. Consider exercises like wrist curls and forearm curls to improve your wrist’s flexibility and strength.
  3. Use a Reactive Resin Ball:
    • Reactive resin bowling balls are designed to grip the lane more aggressively, generating more friction and hook potential. Using a high-quality reactive resin ball can help you achieve higher rev rates.
  4. Proper Ball Weight:
    • Make sure you’re using a ball weight that you can comfortably control. A heavier ball may help generate more revs, but it should not be so heavy that it affects your accuracy and control.
  5. Bowling Ball Surface Maintenance:
    • Keep your ball’s surface clean and well-maintained. Regularly clean and resurface your ball to maintain its performance characteristics.
  6. Practice Your Release:
    • Work on your release technique. A well-executed release with a good balance of power and spin will generate more revs. Practice releasing the ball with a consistent and clean motion.
  7. Finger Positions:
    • Experiment with different finger positions in the ball’s holes to find the one that allows you to achieve the most revs. Some bowlers prefer a fingertip grip, which allows for greater control over the release.
  8. Thumb Pressure:
    • Adjust the pressure of your thumb in the ball hole. Lightening the pressure can help you get more revs during the release.
  9. Bowling Ball Drilling:
    • Consult with a professional pro shop operator to ensure that your ball is drilled to match your style and preferences. A well-drilled ball can enhance your rev rate.
  10. Proper Timing:
    • Work on your timing in your approach. A consistent and well-timed release is crucial for generating revs. Video analysis of your technique can help identify areas for improvement.
  11. Increase Ball Speed:
    • While revs and ball speed are inversely related (higher revs often result in lower ball speed), increasing your ball speed can also generate more revs when executed correctly. However, it requires proper technique and control.
  12. Seek Coaching:
    • Consider working with a certified bowling coach who can provide personalized guidance and help you refine your technique.
  13. Practice and Patience:
    • Increasing your rev rate takes time and practice. Be patient and persistent in your efforts to improve. Regular practice sessions focused on rev generation will yield results over time.

Remember that achieving a higher rev rate is a gradual process, and it’s essential to maintain a balance between revs and accuracy. Practice consistently, make gradual adjustments to your technique and equipment, and seek guidance from experienced bowlers or coaches to help you reach your rev rate goals.

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