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how to get james and ivan in wall kickers

“Wall Kickers” is a mobile game where you can unlock various characters, including James and Ivan, through gameplay or in-game currency. Here’s how you can potentially unlock them:

1. Earn In-Game Currency:

  • Play the game and earn in-game currency by completing levels, achieving high scores, or accomplishing specific challenges. The currency in “Wall Kickers” may be in the form of coins or gems.

2. Visit the In-Game Store:

  • Look for an in-game store or shop where you can spend your earned in-game currency.

3. Check for Character Unlock Options:

  • Within the in-game store, you may find options to unlock characters like James and Ivan. These characters might be available for purchase using the in-game currency you’ve earned.

4. Complete Achievements or Challenges:

  • Some characters may be unlocked by completing specific achievements or challenges within the game. Check the list of achievements or challenges to see if there are any related to unlocking new characters.

5. Participate in Special Events:

  • Occasionally, “Wall Kickers” may run special in-game events or promotions where you can unlock characters like James and Ivan as rewards for participating or achieving specific goals during the event.

6. Watch Ads (Optional):

  • Some mobile games offer the option to watch video ads in exchange for in-game currency or rewards. Check if “Wall Kickers” offers this option to earn more currency to unlock characters.

7. In-App Purchases (Optional):

  • If you prefer a quicker way to unlock characters, some games offer in-app purchases where you can buy characters directly using real money. Check the in-game store for any such options.

Please note that the availability of characters, as well as the methods for unlocking them, can change with game updates or may vary between different versions of the game. Additionally, new characters may have been added since my last update in September 2021.

If you’re having difficulty unlocking specific characters or if the game has undergone significant changes, consider checking the game’s official website or reaching out to the game’s support team for the most up-to-date information and guidance on unlocking James and Ivan in “Wall Kickers.”

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