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how to get more dreads

Getting more dreadlocks or encouraging the growth and maintenance of your existing dreadlocks involves a natural haircare process. Dreadlocks are created by allowing hair to mat and form into natural knots over time. Here are some steps to help you get more dreadlocks or maintain the ones you already have:

For Getting More Dreadlocks:

  1. Decide on the Size and Placement:
    • Determine the size and placement of the additional dreadlocks you want. You can create new dreadlocks throughout your hair or in specific areas.
  2. Section Your Hair:
    • Section off the hair where you want to create new dreadlocks. Use hair ties or clips to keep the sections separated.
  3. Backcomb or Twist Method:
    • Choose a method for creating your new dreadlocks. The two most common methods are backcombing and twisting. Backcombing involves teasing the hair to create knots, while twisting involves rolling sections of hair between your palms to encourage matting. You can also use a combination of both methods.
  4. Secure the Tips:
    • Secure the tips of each new dreadlock with a small hairband or elastic to prevent them from unraveling as they mature.
  5. Maintenance:
    • Regularly palm roll and separate your new dreadlocks to encourage knotting and prevent them from merging with adjacent dreads.
  6. Be Patient:
    • Understand that it takes time for new dreadlocks to mature and tighten. Be patient and allow the natural locking process to occur over several months.

For Maintaining Existing Dreadlocks:

  1. Regular Washing:
    • Cleanliness is important for healthy dreadlocks. Wash your dreadlocks regularly with a residue-free shampoo designed for dreadlocks. Be gentle while washing to avoid unraveling.
  2. Palm Rolling:
    • Palm roll your existing dreadlocks to encourage them to tighten and form knots. This can be done after washing while your hair is still damp.
  3. Avoid Excessive Moisture:
    • While it’s essential to keep your dreadlocks clean, avoid excessive moisture, as it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Make sure your dreads are thoroughly dried after washing.
  4. Regular Maintenance:
    • Schedule regular maintenance sessions with a professional loctician or learn how to maintain your dreadlocks yourself. This includes re-twisting or re-backcombing as needed.
  5. Avoid Chemical Products:
    • Refrain from using hair products that contain wax or heavy residues, as they can cause buildup and hinder the locking process.
  6. Protect Your Dreadlocks:
    • When sleeping or swimming, consider wearing a satin or silk cap to protect your dreadlocks and prevent friction.
  7. Healthy Diet and Hydration:
    • A healthy diet and proper hydration can promote hair growth and overall hair health, which can benefit your dreadlocks.

Remember that dreadlocks are a unique and personal hairstyle that requires patience and dedication to maintain. The locking process varies from person to person, so embrace the journey as your dreadlocks mature and develop their unique character. If you’re unsure about the best methods for your hair type or need assistance, consider consulting a professional loctician who specializes in dreadlocks.

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