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how to get more diamonds in cooking fever

In the mobile game “Cooking Fever,” diamonds are a valuable in-game currency that can be used to purchase kitchen upgrades, decor items, and more. Earning more diamonds can help you progress faster in the game. Here are some ways to get more diamonds in Cooking Fever:

  1. Completing Levels and Achievements:
    • Play and complete restaurant levels to earn diamonds as rewards. The number of diamonds you earn may vary depending on your performance in each level.
    • Keep an eye on in-game achievements and try to complete them. Achievements often offer diamond rewards for reaching specific milestones.
  2. Daily Rewards:
    • Log in to the game daily to collect daily rewards. Diamonds are sometimes included as part of these daily rewards.
  3. Leveling Up:
    • As you progress through the game and gain experience points (XP), you will level up. Leveling up can sometimes reward you with diamonds.
  4. Restaurant Upgrades:
    • Invest your diamonds wisely in restaurant upgrades. As you upgrade your restaurants, they become more profitable, allowing you to earn more diamonds over time.
  5. Serve Special Customers:
    • Some special customers, like the “Comic Con” or “VIP” customers, may leave a diamond as a tip if you serve them quickly and efficiently.
  6. Participate in Events:
    • Keep an eye out for special in-game events or challenges. Some events offer diamond rewards for completing specific tasks or goals.
  7. Watch Advertisements:
    • Occasionally, the game may offer you the option to watch short video advertisements in exchange for diamonds. Take advantage of these opportunities when they arise.
  8. Use the Casino:
    • Visit the in-game casino to try your luck on the slot machine. While it’s a game of chance, you can win diamonds as prizes.
  9. Complete Restaurant Upgrades:
    • Fully upgrading your restaurants can sometimes grant you bonus diamonds as a reward for achieving maximum profitability.
  10. Invite Friends:
    • Some mobile games offer referral rewards for inviting friends to play. Check if Cooking Fever has such a feature, and if it does, invite friends to earn diamonds.
  11. In-App Purchases:
    • If you’re willing to spend real money, you can purchase diamonds through in-app purchases. Be cautious with this option and set spending limits if needed.

Remember that while diamonds can be helpful in Cooking Fever, the game is designed to be enjoyable without spending real money. Be patient and use your diamonds wisely to enhance your gaming experience.

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