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how to get master of cursed iron commendation

In the game “Sea of Thieves,” commendations are in-game achievements that you can earn by completing specific tasks or challenges. The “Master of Cursed Iron” commendation typically involves defeating specific skeleton crews that appear as part of events or encounters known as “Skeleton Fleets.” To get the “Master of Cursed Iron” commendation, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Your Ship:
    • Before attempting to encounter a Skeleton Fleet, make sure your ship is well-supplied with cannonballs, planks, and bananas, as these battles can be challenging and resource-intensive.
  2. Activate a Skeleton Fleet Event:
    • Skeleton Fleets are dynamic world events that can occur randomly while you’re sailing on the seas. Keep an eye on the horizon for the telltale signs of a Skeleton Fleet event, which include ominous cloud formations shaped like skeleton ships.
  3. Engage the Skeleton Fleet:
    • Once you spot the cloud formation, sail toward it to engage the Skeleton Fleet. You’ll need to defeat several waves of skeleton ships, including various types like Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon crews.
  4. Defeat the Skeleton Crews:
    • Work with your crew to defeat each wave of skeleton ships. Focus on targeting the skeleton ships’ weak points, which are typically their cannon towers, to disable their firepower.
  5. Collect the Cursed Cannonballs:
    • During the battle, keep an eye out for cursed cannonballs that may drop as loot when you sink skeleton ships. These cursed cannonballs have special effects and can be useful for controlling the battle.
  6. Complete the Event:
    • Continue battling the skeleton fleets and sinking their ships until you’ve defeated all the waves. Once you’ve defeated the final wave, you’ll have completed the Skeleton Fleet event.
  7. Earn the Commendation:
    • After successfully completing the event, check your commendations in the game menu. Look for the “Master of Cursed Iron” commendation, and if you’ve met the requirements by defeating the skeleton fleets, it will be marked as completed.
  8. Claim Your Rewards:
    • Commendations often come with in-game rewards such as titles, cosmetics, or doubloons. Claim any rewards associated with the “Master of Cursed Iron” commendation.

Please note that Sea of Thieves regularly updates its gameplay and events, so the specific requirements and details of commendations may change over time. Be sure to check the in-game commendations menu and any official Sea of Thieves announcements or resources for the most up-to-date information on how to earn the “Master of Cursed Iron” commendation.

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