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how to get mass feint wizard101

In the online multiplayer game “Wizard101,” Mass Feint is a spell that allows you to apply the Feint effect to all enemies in battle, increasing the damage they take from subsequent attacks. To obtain the Mass Feint spell, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Progress Through the Game:
    • Mass Feint is a higher-level spell, so you’ll need to advance through the game’s storyline and reach a point where it becomes available. Ensure that your character has reached a high enough level to learn advanced spells.
  2. Learn Regular Feint:
    • Before you can acquire Mass Feint, you must first learn the regular Feint spell. Feint increases the damage of your next attack spell. You’ll typically learn Feint as part of your character’s natural progression through the game’s storyline.
  3. Complete the Quest:
    • To obtain Mass Feint, you’ll need to complete a specific quest called “Feint of Heart.” This quest is usually given by a quest-giver or professor in the game. Pay attention to the quest markers and storyline to find the right quest.
  4. Visit the Trainer:
    • After receiving the “Feint of Heart” quest, you’ll be directed to a trainer who can teach you the Mass Feint spell. The location of the trainer can vary depending on your character’s school (e.g., Fire, Ice, Myth, etc.). Visit the appropriate school trainer.
  5. Earn Training Points:
    • You may need to spend Training Points to learn the Mass Feint spell. Training Points are earned as you level up in the game, and you can use them to learn additional spells beyond your primary school of magic. Ensure you have enough Training Points available to learn Mass Feint.
  6. Learn Mass Feint:
    • Talk to the trainer, select the Mass Feint spell, and spend the required Training Points to learn it. Once you’ve learned the spell, it will be added to your spellbook.
  7. Equip and Use Mass Feint:
    • After learning Mass Feint, open your spellbook and equip it to one of your available spell slots. During battles, you can use Mass Feint to apply the Feint effect to all enemies, making them more vulnerable to damage from your spells and attacks.
  8. Strategically Use Mass Feint:
    • Mass Feint is a powerful spell, but it consumes a lot of pips, so use it strategically in battles where you need to maximize damage. Coordinate with your teammates if you’re in a group.

Remember that “Wizard101” periodically updates its gameplay and spells, so it’s possible that specific quest locations and requirements may change over time. Always refer to the in-game instructions and quest markers for the most up-to-date information on how to obtain and use Mass Feint in the game.

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