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Where is the Maximum Overdrive Truck Now

If you’re a fan of classic horror and science fiction movies, you might remember the iconic “Maximum Overdrive” directed by Stephen King. Released in 1986, this film features machines, including trucks, coming to life and causing chaos after a comet passes by Earth. The standout star of the movie was the eerie and menacing green goblin-faced truck. But the question that arises is, where is the Maximum Overdrive truck now? Let’s take a journey into its history and current whereabouts.

1. The Movie’s Impact

“Maximum Overdrive” was Stephen King’s directorial debut, and while it wasn’t a huge critical success, it has gained a cult following over the years due to its unique premise and memorable visuals. The green goblin truck, in particular, became an iconic symbol of the film.

2. The Original Truck

The actual truck used in the movie was a 1977 Western Star 4800. The truck was customized with the distinctive goblin face, making it instantly recognizable. After the movie’s production wrapped up, the truck was put into storage.

3. Changing Ownership

Over the years, the Maximum Overdrive truck changed hands multiple times. Various collectors and enthusiasts were drawn to its cinematic history and unique design. It appeared in different events, trade shows, and even underwent restoration to preserve its appearance.

4. The Truck’s Disappearance

Around the early 2000s, the Maximum Overdrive truck seemed to have vanished from public view. Speculations arose about its whereabouts, and rumors suggested that it might have been lost or destroyed. This added an air of mystery to its story.

5. Rediscovery

In 2018, the goblin-faced truck made a surprising reappearance at a public event celebrating the works of Stephen King. This unexpected return reignited interest in the truck and its history. Fans were excited to see the iconic movie prop back in action.

6. Current Location

As of now, the Maximum Overdrive truck is reportedly in the possession of a dedicated Stephen King fan and collector. It occasionally makes appearances at special events and conventions, allowing fans to relive a piece of cinematic history. Its current owner has taken great care to preserve its unique design and ensure that it continues to captivate audiences.

7. Cultural Significance

The Maximum Overdrive truck has transcended its role as a movie prop to become a cultural phenomenon. It represents a blend of horror, nostalgia, and creativity that continues to capture the imagination of people around the world.

8. A Symbol of 80s Cinema

The truck is not just a relic of the past; it’s a symbol of 1980s cinema and the over-the-top creativity that defined that era. Its menacing appearance and the chaos it caused on screen are etched into the memories of those who watched the film.

9. Inspiring Tributes

The Maximum Overdrive truck has inspired countless tributes in various forms of media, from video games to artwork. It stands as a testament to the power of memorable visual design in leaving a lasting impact on pop culture.


In , the Maximum Overdrive truck from Stephen King’s film has had a remarkable journey from its on-screen debut to its current status as a cherished collectible. Its disappearance and subsequent rediscovery only added to its mystique, and its continued appearances at events keep its legacy alive. As a symbol of 80s cinema and creative storytelling, this truck will likely continue to capture the fascination of movie enthusiasts and fans of the horror genre for years to come.

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