Mens Flip Flops: The Ultimate Buying Guide
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Mens Flip Flops: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Oh, the quintessential flip flops!! The most utilitarian footwear that any man can have in their fashion wardrobe!! However, flip-flops have travelled a long journey – from being just enough to protect your tootsies when running errands to becoming a fashion symbol that chic men look up to. While we aren’t saying that your sandals can replace the prettiest summer shoes you have for dressier affairs, they are definitely leaving a mark in the fashion footwear for men segment.

Check out trendy designs and colours in mens flip-flops at JACK&JONES and thoughtfully pair them with your outfit to radiate an urban chic look. However, the way you look and feel in a flip-flop depends a lot on what you buy. Therefore, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to help you choose the right pair that is stylish, comfortable and versatile.  

Factors to Consider When Buying Mens Flip Flops

It is said that flip-flops are the perfect footwear for men that you can wear all year round. Practical, comfy, and fashionable, they are your wardrobe staple and a great travel essential. But you just cannot wear them anywhere because they render a casual, relaxed vibe that is not ideal for all occasions and settings. So, you should buy a pair of flip-flop slippers that perfectly blend with your personal style and taste.

At JACK&JONES, you can browse through a great selection of flip-flops perfect for lounging at home or chilling at the beach.

Choose the Right Material Based on the Purpose of Wearing

First things first – do not underrate the material of the flip-flop because a lot depends on the comfort and visual appeal it renders. A pair of fashionable sandals in pretty colours may grab your eyeballs but they may not be comfortable for your feet. The material may also not be suitable for the setting you are wearing it to.

Rubber is the most widely used material that ensures a relaxed fit and ample amount of cushioning. It also has anti-slip capabilities, so you do not fall off when running errands or chilling by the poolside. Plastic flip flops may last long but they can be slippery. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more sophisticated and durable, go for leather or suede materials. These are perfect mens flip flops that will inspire your OOTD 😉 (Outfit of the Day).

Comfort and Flexibility in Mind

While the material of your footwear for men contributes significantly to its comfort, you should also consider its design and structure. Make sure the footwear has supportive insoles that provide comfort to your feet. You may consider buying one with a spongy sole or cushioning for additional comfort. If you are comfortable, pick a pair with a slight wedge or heel, as it provides extra support.

Also, consider buying a flip-flop with broad straps. They hold the sandal in place, putting less pressure on your feet to grip it well and helping you walk comfortably.

Try Different Styles

Thanks to the fashion footwear industry, there are now plenty of flip-flop varieties to choose from. Whether you are up to pool lounging, planning a night out with friends, or setting off on a beach holiday, you can find flip flop slippers in varied colours, designs, and styles. 

Final Thoughts

Buying a great pair of mens flip flops is ideal for adding an oomph to your spring/summer style. However, do not just think about appearance and style when it comes to finding the right pair for you – prioritise comfort and versatility. So, whether you want to rock your beach holiday look in a pair of flip flops or simply look for a fashionable substitute for flip flop slippers, visit JACK&JONES for the best selection of footwear for men.

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