How To Select And Install A RCCB Circuit Breaker?
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How To Select And Install A RCCB Circuit Breaker?

RCCB circuit breakers are electric current sensing devices. When a problem in the linked circuit or the current exceeds the rated sensitivity, it can automatically measure the amount of current and cut the circuit. RCCBs are very useful for an unexpected earth fault. They defend against the dangers of electric shocks, electrocution, and fire breakouts. RCCB installation causes the circuit to trip instantly. Eshop helps you explore a lot of electrical goods and shop from the comfort of your home. This article will discuss how to choose and install an RCCB circuit breaker.

Choosing and Installing a Residual Current Circuit Breaker

The subsequent aspects should be taken into account while selecting the appropriate RCCB for a circuit. If you are facing a problem choosing RCCB you can contact Eshop.

●      The kind of current and load:

The RCCB should be compatible with the kind of current—pure, pulsing, smooth—and load—AC, DC, high-frequency—it is supposed to protect. For instance, a smooth DC current-producing solar inverter should use a type B RCCB.

●      The rated current:

Not too high as to surpass the capacity of the MCB or fuse it is linked to, but high enough to withstand the circuit’s regular working current. For a 230 V single-phase circuit, use a 32 A MCB with a 40 A RCCB.

●      The number of poles:

With 230 V single-phase, you should use a 2-pole RCCB circuit breaker. With 400 V three-phase, you should use a 4-pole RCCB.

To install an RCCB circuit breaker, the following steps should be followed:

  • Turn out the main power supply and separate the circuit that the RCCB circuit breaker is supposed to safeguard.
  • Connect the supply part live wire or wires to the RCCB’s input terminals (L1, L2, and L3).
  • By connecting the supply-part neutral cord to the RCCB’s N-marked input terminal.
  • RCCBL1, L2, and L3 output terminals are connected to the live load side wire.
  • A load-side neutral cable should be connected to the RCCB’s N’ output terminal.
  • Ensure no cables are exposed or loose, and all connections are tight and secure.

Press the test button on the RCCB circuit breaker and turn on the main power supply. The RCCB trip ought to disconnect the circuit.RCCB circuit breakers keep your electrical system secure in every corner, even in the speakers in the false ceilings.


In electrical systems, RCCBimproves safety. RCCB circuit breakers also detect faulty wiring and appliances, reducing dangers. Finally, RCCB circuit breakers are essential for electrical safety since they provide dependable defense against electrical mishaps and quick reactions. Ensure protection against potential shocks and short circuits when working with electrical installations like a speaker in false ceiling. Their extensive application is necessary to protect people from the risks of electrical problems in their homes, offices, and public areas. You can browse Eshop for a wide selection of RCCBs that cater to various voltage and current requirements. To know more, please visit this website.

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