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how to get my w2 from dominos

To obtain your W-2 form from Domino’s, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Domino’s HR or Payroll Department: Start by reaching out to Domino’s Human Resources (HR) or Payroll department. You can typically find their contact information on the Domino’s corporate website or by asking your supervisor or manager for guidance.
  2. Request Your W-2: When you contact HR or Payroll, request your W-2 form. Be ready to provide your full name, Social Security Number, and other identifying information to verify your identity as an employee.
  3. Verify Your Mailing Address: Ensure that Domino’s has your current mailing address on record. Your W-2 will be sent to the address they have on file. If your address has changed since you worked for Domino’s, provide the updated information to HR or Payroll.
  4. Check the Distribution Date: Employers are typically required to provide W-2 forms to employees by January 31st of each year. Make sure you request your W-2 well in advance of this date to ensure you receive it on time.
  5. Electronic W-2: Some employers offer the option to access your W-2 online through a secure employee portal. Inquire if this option is available and, if so, how to access it.
  6. W-2 Reissue: If you’ve requested your W-2 but haven’t received it, or if you’ve lost your W-2, you can request a reissued copy. Check with HR or Payroll to understand their policy and any associated fees, if applicable.
  7. IRS Assistance: If you have trouble obtaining your W-2 from Domino’s, or if you believe they are not fulfilling their obligation to provide it, you can contact the IRS for assistance. The IRS can help you obtain the necessary tax forms.

Remember to retain copies of your W-2 for your records, as you may need them for tax filing purposes. If you have worked at multiple employers during the tax year, you will need W-2 forms from each employer to file your taxes accurately.

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